Czego nie będzie w „Wielkim słowniku języka polskiego PAN” — polskie (?) słownictwo curlingowe

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Wielki słownik języka polskiego PAN

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Żmigrodzki, P. (2015). Czego nie będzie w „Wielkim słowniku języka polskiego PAN” — polskie (?) słownictwo curlingowe . Polonica, 35, 191–197.


The present paper deals with Polish lexical units referring to curling. The material is taken from Polish Eurosport live transmissions and website of Polish Curling Federation. The aim of the first part of the paper is to collect and describe Polish curling terminology. Curling in Poland is not a very popular sport and therefore the most of the lexical units are borrowings from English (eg. skip, end, hamer, curler) or simply translations or calques of English words and phrases (e.g. dom ‘house’, kamień ‘stone’, prosty/kołyszący się lód ‘straight/swinging ice’). There are also several Polish lexemes (or old borrowings) like dogrywka ‘extra end’, remis ‘blank end’, trener ‘coach’. The second part of the paper is devoted to corpus analysis of the curling vocabulary, in order to decide, is the Polish curling vocabulary worth defining in one of the newest Polish general dictionaries, PAS Great Dictionary of Polish. The analysis of the National Corpus of Polish pointed out, that the lexical units referring to curling are poorly represented in NCP, so they do not fulfill the criteria to be put into the dictionary (the basic criterion for a terminological unit is at least 10 occurrences in at least 2 printed (non electronic) documents in corpus).


Przepiórkowski A. i in., 2012: Narodowy Korpus Języka Polskiego, red. A. Przepiórkowski, M. Bańko, R.L. Górski, B. Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Warszawa.

Żmigrodzki P., 2012, Wielki słownik języka polskiego. Zasady opracowania, DOI: 10.17651/WSJP.1

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